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KAKURI Corporation was founded in 1946 in Sanjo City.
Sanjo City is leading production area of cutlery in Japan.
Craftsmanship and beauty.
Sanjo hand tools cultivated in history and tradition.

A rich life through tools

Since our founding in 1946, we have carefully created various tools and sent them  to the world based on our constant belief that  tools have been the starting point of “manufacturing”, and “manufacturing” is a thing that enriches life. 

Our mission of “proposing a prosperous life through the perspective of people and skills, people and tools, people and people, and our tools ” has neither changed nor will. However, the products and services we offer are changing little by little due to the changes of  “era” , “lifestyle” and  “our values”.

For products based on “harmonizing people, skills and tools”, we will respond quickly to customer needs and social changes, and create a creative network that works in harmony with people along with a monozukuri network that links with fresh planning ability and strong trust. We have focused our efforts on developments on both products and markets.

From now on, we will continue to firmly inherit the origin of “manufacturing” that has not changed since our founding, and start planning and developing products that make life richer and more attractive, making use of the accumulated history and daily study by all our employees. In the meanwhile, we will continue to make efforts as a company that earns the trust of all the people who use, those who learn, those who create and all who are involved. 

Masatoshi kato


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KAKURI Corporation.
3-3 Higashihonjoji, Sanjo City, Niigata Pref., 955-0823 Japan